Tuesday, October 13, 2009

you all simply must come....
how fun is this?
join us for a new tradition...Vagabond Nites...happening every 3rd Thursday during the Melrose Crawl...
this Thursday October 15th (and every 3rd Thursday) from 6-9pm along 7th Avevue
Vagabond Nites will feature amazing artists showcased at Sirens & Saints along with Rust and Roses...
our first featured artist is Paris Montana...you can't even imagine her vintage Airsteam trailer "turned black top
jewlery box boudoir boutique" ...yes, you read right! An airstream trailer that she rolls up in complete with hardwood floors and chandeliers (not to mention the baubles!)
SIGN ME UP!! (how did she get my life?!)
trust...meeting the inspiring Heidi of Paris Montana literally has me starring at my closet every morning asking WWPMW? (what would paris montana wear)

Ms Heidi is not traveling alone...

also joining our Vagabond Nites fun is Trish from Blissfully Traveled

S & S featured house artists the Dos Fannies gals

and several other local artists traveling with their one-of-a-kind prizes...
all s000 very terribly tempting don't you think?
So...save-the-date for a date with us and make your 3rd Thursday a large time...
see y'all for the Melrose Crawl

PeaCe, LoVe & all kinds 0 fun for you this week!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hello dears

i hope this note finds all of you well, happy and living life with a huge appetite for more

personally, i have been living life these days with a perfect absense of balance...
for a feet-on-the-ground-girl like me, life has forced me to peel my hands from the roller-coaster bar and throw em on up in the air! woo-hoo!
so here we go...(again)

exciting news to share from shop-land...
there's a new shop in town & i must say it's a large time!
ms shelly (chief junkster) of the wUn-der-fUll rust and roses has opened a new clothing/bauble boutique...
Sirens & Saints
and guess what?! she's letting me play shopgirl!!! the closest thing to heaven for a girl like me

i think i'm back to where i was when i got lost...nothing like a perfect skipabeat moment!
shelly has filled her shop with some curl-your-toes prizes (you might even find a few of oLiVes old favs!)

please come round to say hi...
i've missed you all so...
oLiVes spirit is very much with me still...
sometimes in the morning when i turn the key i see that one-booted girl running around! (i swear!)
a few of you have found your way to the shop already & trust...seeing you has curled my toes
so from my heart to yours...thanks for all the LoVe this last year

look for "Sirens & Saints" right next to "Rust and Roses"
(west side of 7th ave just north of indian school rd...along the Melrose Curve)
come shop the curve Tuesday-Saturday from 10-5

i'll be the girl waiting for you behind the counter...waiting to play dress-up

PeAcE, LoVe & SiReNs

lani griffin
ring 602.296.4349