Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hello lovely friends

most of you have certainly heard about the sad news at sirens...
from my heart to yours thank you for posting sweet messages to shelly and i on the sirens blog
bIg-0L-tHAnKs to all of you who have reached out personally with emails & phone calls
you keep reminding me daily of exactly what it is i love about being a shopgirl
no word yet from the powers that be on just how long it is going to be before sirens gets "humpty-dumpty-ied" back together again...

whilst i personally seem to have an out-of-my-hands, un-expected, un-determined amount off time off...
along with all sorts of crazy things to tackle on the "if only i had time" list...
i'm gonna devote some time to blog-land and give this blogging thing a whirl

i'm not a professional (this IS my first rodeo)
i can't promise great pics and wUn-der-fUll backdrops (not at first anyhoo)
i AM, however, going to see what olive's been up to and add a few sprink-lins' in about my personal "life-in-a-snow-globe" moments

so pop in for a read every now and again

maybe this time-off will be the perfect opportunity to catch y'all up on olive's antics
olive's been quite the gypsy girl...she's run around a few places with her missing boot!
who knows where and what she'll be up to next...
as for the shopgirl...well, i've had a few shakes of the snowglobe myself
so if you feel like giving us a read...

until the next post...

peAcE, loVe & olives


  1. Lani- your energy and jeune et se quoi will carry you through this tough time. I know you will come out on top!

  2. I am excited to hear about the adventures of miss Olive and shop girl Lani!!!